Now Open: Manhattan’s First Board Game Cafe!

Thanks for visiting – swing on by to check out the latest games for sale, Magic: The Gathering events, Settlers meetups, and much more!

We recently were covered in DNAInfoPureWowGothamist and NYU Local, and were successfully funded in part via Kickstarter! Open from 9AM to midnight on weekdays, we offer a full menu of food, drinks, and some of the best local espresso and coffee- plus over 350 games. Visit with friends and borrow titles for play at our spacious tables, or rent our private “Board Room” for parties or special events.

While you’re here, take a look at our menu and library, and definitely reach out if you have any requests, suggestions, or want to join the team!

April Special Events

4/14 – Monday – 7 pm – Netrunner Store Tournament- Official FFG event, with prizes!
4/16 – Wednesday – 6 pm – Indie Game Designers Spotlight: Castle Assault Demo and Playtesting Session
4/17 – Thursday – 7 pm – Team Awesome Meetup! Open Gaming
4/23 and 4/24 – Wednesday and Thursday – 9 am – Games for Change Festival: Table Topics
4/23 and 4/24 – Wednesday and Thursday – 10 am – Games for Change Festival: Meet and Greet Experts!
4/26 and 4/27 – Journey into Nyx Prerelease – Pre-Register Now!

Regular Weekly Events

Monday – Magic the Gathering Draft and My Little Pony CCG Organized Play
Tuesday – Learn to Play RPGs
Wednesday – NYC Village Game Night Meetup
Thursday – Magic the Gathering Casual Standard Constructed and EDH/Commander
Friday – Friday Night Magic

Check out our calendar for more details and more events!